About Us

Started in 1984, the original carpentry shop was born out of a construction company called Culbert Construction in Nashville, created to do cabinet and carpentry jobs for the large contractor. It was later branched off on its own and was named Cumberland Architectural Millwork.

Business at the beginning was rather up and down, and it wasn’t a large operation. In 1992, while Andy Martin was on vacation in Nashville and he looked up architectural millwork companies in Nashville. He was working at Washington Woodwork in D.C. at the time and came in on a whim to interview with CAM. Because of his skills and experience, he was hired and he moved to Nashville.

The D.C. market was totally different at the time than Nashville, with all the government and related money and the types of buildings and architecture that were built. Nashville was very rough in comparison, and Andy brought the attitude and work ethic of the fine craftsmanship and woodworking culture of the East Coast.

The first large-scale job the company did was all the woodwork in the Wildhorse Saloon, which was at the beginning of the revitalization of downtown Nashville. The size and quality of the job allowed us to bid on and win larger and more prestigious jobs.

The company moved from 2nd Avenue in Germantown to its current location on Davidson in 1994, doubling its size, allowing for gradual and steady growth. That growth coupled with the East Coast attitude and techniques brought to the company by Andy are responsible for the reputation for quality work that Cumberland Architectural Millwork enjoys.

The company uses only the best practices for their work For instance, they don’t lag doors, they use mortise and tenon construction. They use dowel construction instead of the more common practice of screwing and stapling backs on. They pay attention to material selection and storage, going the extra mile by doing things like monitoring moisture content and humidity of the storage facility and job site. They were the first company in the region to fabricate, finish and install everything in house to control the entire process instead of subcontracting some jobs out.

In 2005 Martin Roberts approached Andy about buying the company which had been for sale for quite some time. This change in ownership and the resulting changes in processes and company culture marked the beginning of a stretch meteoric growth furthering the company’s stellar reputation throughout the southeastern U.S and beyond.

In 2010 the great Nashville flood came, and the company lost everything in the building on the river where the casework is done. There was a race on that Monday morning in the building across the street to put everything up on tables from the equipment to the computers while the building slowly flooded. It ended up only taking on about nine inches of water and nearly everything was saved. The building on the river was down for three months so everybody rolled up their sleeves and worked together across the street while cleaning up the other building.

Today, Cumberland Architectural Millwork continues to produce the finest architectural millwork and casework for a variety of residential and commercial clients across the country.