Cumberland Journal

The Bridge Building — Infinity Event Space

Date: 2012
Location: Nashville
Architect: Everton Oglesby Askew Architects

EOA called and said “we’ve got a ceiling that nobody else can do so we need you to do it.” It consists of long span beams stretching about 25 feet. These beams are about 12” wide and 18” high. Some of the beams are perforated. Some needed access panels and removable sections to access the HVAC and other infrastructure. No technical engineering drawings, just figure it out. We had to figure out how to hang it off the superstructure, which we did using Unistrut and cables. We had to lay it out on the floor and bring in an engineer to sign off on the connectors and cables we were going to use.

For installation, we had to lay it out and build it on the floor, then get with the HVAC, fire and electrical contractors and let them know where they had to run their lines and ductwork.