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Augusta TEE Center (Now Augusta Convention Center)

Client: Augusta-Richmond County Location: Augusta, GA Architect: TVS Design A large convention center in Augusta, Georgia. Mahogany paneling on very large wall requiring us to stack match the paneling. We also had to sequence in massive doors so that if you looked at the wall from the end, it just looked like all paneling.… Read Full Post »

The Bridge Building — Infinity Event Space

Date: 2012 Location: Nashville Architect: Everton Oglesby Askew Architects EOA called and said “we’ve got a ceiling that nobody else can do so we need you to do it.” It consists of long span beams stretching about 25 feet. These beams are about 12” wide and 18” high. Some of the beams are perforated. Some… Read Full Post »

Frost Brown Todd

Date: 2011 Client: Frost Brown Todd Location: Nashville Architect: A law firm in the Pinnacle building. The wood of choice for this job was a figured cherry. There is a huge long running wall that was curved so we had to do curved panels on the wall. Then where it terminates at the elevator lobby… Read Full Post »


Date: 2011 Client: Lifepoint Location: Nashville Architect: Hastings Architecture Did all the paneling. The lobby is a ribbon striped sapele, which is akin of mahogany, reddish brown, but the ribbon stripe gives it black striping. Standard paneling but with some hidden doors. The cool part was the top two floors where the executives are. You’ve… Read Full Post »

Marriott Airport Hotel

Date: 2011 Client: Marriott Airport Hotel Location: Nashville Architect: Esmail Dilmaghani We did the sports bar, Champions. Very modern, a whole lot of glass in the back bar with moveable doors and retractable doors with display cases to store liquor, which we backlit. It’s a huge bar, like 26 feet. The bar is serpintine and… Read Full Post »

Montgomery Bell Academy Wallace Hall

Date: 2011 Client: Montgomery Bell Academy Location: Nashville Architect: Hastings Architecture Wallace Hall — MBA dining facility Hogwarts. Massive opening. Apex of the ceiling is probably 30 feet. We built these huge trusses that are laminated white oak then panels where they have etched glass that has lasered in all of the graduating classes going… Read Full Post »

Rome County Georgia Courthouse

Date: 2010 Client: Federal Government Location: Rome, GA There is a huge old federal courthouse in the small town in rural Georgia that needed renovation. The entire courtroom all walnut burl, book and balanced match and end match that makes each panel look like a kaleidoscope of wood. The judge’s bench is very classical, with… Read Full Post »

Franklin Theater

Date: 2010 Client: Franklin Theater Location: Franklin, TN Architect: Hastings Architecture The old Franklin Theater right on Franklin Square. It was mostly paid for through private donations. The design is Art Deco. A lot of metal laminates. We primarily did trim in the auditorium. We did perforated panels to go in front of the state… Read Full Post »

Western Kentucky University Chandler Chapel

Date: 2009 Client: Western Kentucky University Location: Bowling Green, KY Architect: Everton Oglesby Architects The unusual aspect of this project was that the entire project was Douglas Fir. This was a new build, and you rarely see all Douglas Fir these days. Most people think of Douglas Fir as being rustic, it has a very… Read Full Post »

Church of Scientology

Date: 2009 Client: Church of Scientology Location: Nashville/ Old Fall School Building Architect: Gensler The Nashville Church of Scientology is in a beautifully restored former school, the Fall School, which was built in 1898. With a brick and arched window exterior, the interior boasts some interesting architectural features, such as an expansive atrium and cupola… Read Full Post »