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Tennessee Farmhouse (Private Residence)

Date: 2012 Location: Nashville Architect: Meyer Davis Architects The designer was Will Meyer, out of New York, who is originally from Nashville. All of the exterior siding was Alaskan cedar. These were huge expanse trees that are clear, meaning no knots that came an Alaskan forest. When we got them, we had to build racks,… Read Full Post »

Ridgetop (Private Residence)

Date: 2011 Location: Nashville Architect: Inform Architects (Now Smallwood Nickle) Very modern. Lot of exotic veneers. Curupixa was the main selection they had in the living room. There was an indoor balcony walkway that ran the length of the house, and from that walkway, there were two bridges that led to an island structure that… Read Full Post »

Western Kentucky University Chandler Chapel

Date: 2009 Client: Western Kentucky University Location: Bowling Green, KY Architect: Everton Oglesby Architects The unusual aspect of this project was that the entire project was Douglas Fir. This was a new build, and you rarely see all Douglas Fir these days. Most people think of Douglas Fir as being rustic, it has a very… Read Full Post »

Crater Hill (Private Residence)

Date: 2009 Client: Private Location: Nashville Architect: D|AAD Interior Architect/Designer: McAlpine Booth & Ferrier Contractor: Carter Group Modern is a nice change of pace from classical architecture, mostly because it is very difficult to do. It involves long lines, straight grain, usually horizontal with a few reveals that run throughout the house. It is very… Read Full Post »

Private Residence

Date: 2007 Client: Private Location: Nashville Architect: Daniel Lee Daniel Lee is a very famous Classical architect. You don’t see classically trained architect. There were over 57 different profile knives within the scope of work, which is a huge number. Every room had a different base profile, different chair rail, different crown, scocia, freeze, soffet,… Read Full Post »

Private Residence

Date: 2007 Client: Private Residence Location: Nashville (Belle Meade) Architect: G.P. Schafer Architect, PLLC This is an old, Georgian style home, the architect was Gil Schafer, one of the premiere classical architects in the world. He was president of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, and is now a Fellows Emeriti. Martin Roberts, Cumberland… Read Full Post »