Cumberland Journal

Franklin Theater

Date: 2010
Client: Franklin Theater
Location: Franklin, TN
Architect: Hastings Architecture

The old Franklin Theater right on Franklin Square. It was mostly paid for through private donations.

The design is Art Deco. A lot of metal laminates. We primarily did trim in the auditorium. We did perforated panels to go in front of the state of the art sound system to hide the speakers and equipment.

The coolest thing was the concession stand in the lobby. It features art deco wings that spread out, made of stainless steel and metal laminate with glass inlays. We did that and the ticket office and ticket window, all of it was a really cool art deco design. The most interesting part was engineering all of it, because the design called for metal to be shaped in way that were very tricky to pull of. We collaborated with Falcon Fabricators who did the stainless steel portion of it.