Cumberland Journal

Frost Brown Todd

Date: 2011
Client: Frost Brown Todd
Location: Nashville

A law firm in the Pinnacle building. The wood of choice for this job was a figured cherry. There is a huge long running wall that was curved so we had to do curved panels on the wall. Then where it terminates at the elevator lobby we built three giant (5’ x 10’) doors for a conference room that were on a center pivot. So, when the doors are closed it is a wall of figured cherry, and when they are open, it makes corridors for entry into the conference room.

In each of the smaller conference rooms we made these display units that had concealed runners to open. When you looked at it, it looked like a giant figured cherry board, then you could open it up and there was a blackboard hidden in it with a curved ledge that was radiused with drawers for dry erasers and stuff.

The reception desk had a lot of stone and little reveals. We like doing reception desks because every architect is trying to differentiate their desk for each project, which makes it fun. We build them special with removable panels and a dye wall with an electrical chase in them so you can feed electrical through the entire desk.