Cumberland Journal


Date: 2011
Client: Lifepoint
Location: Nashville
Architect: Hastings Architecture

Did all the paneling. The lobby is a ribbon striped sapele, which is akin of mahogany, reddish brown, but the ribbon stripe gives it black striping. Standard paneling but with some hidden doors.

The cool part was the top two floors where the executives are. You’ve got columns and beams that run across, all sapele, you’ve got a monumental stairs that connects the floors, with a giant feature wall that’s all sapele. Going down the hallway that connects the executive offices to the board room you have all these cabinets with different drawers and set-ups, not your typical cabinets.

The board room is awesome. We did a huge conference table that seats 40 or 50 people. It’s a horseshoe that is radiused in and squared at the end and open in the center. So it is a radiused arc matched sapele.

A lot of the board members can’t be there, so on the front wall, there are sapele panels and a credenza. Then in the center are nine display screens that could be tied all together to be one screen, or you could have nine individual screens. They wanted frosted white glass panels to cover the display screens, and they wanted to be able to push a button and have those glass panels retract into the sapele columns and disappear, revealing the video screens. They were asking for something that doesn’t exist. We worked with a partner that does conveyor systems for companies like FedEx and Amazon, and we built a superstructure steel frame back in the shop. Then we made a lazy susan that is hidden in the panel that has a video camera so on a video conference it spins around out from the panel and can point to whoever is doing the talking.