Cumberland Journal

Ridgetop (Private Residence)

Date: 2011
Location: Nashville
Architect: Inform Architects (Now Smallwood Nickle)

Very modern. Lot of exotic veneers. Curupixa was the main selection they had in the living room. There was an indoor balcony walkway that ran the length of the house, and from that walkway, there were two bridges that led to an island structure that were actually two bedrooms. There was paneling that went all the way down to the first floor on this island veneered in a figured curupixa which we laid up in a herringbone pattern. This was tricky to get it just right so that the chevrons of the herringbone were symmetrical throughout the opening.

The master closet was a koto veneer, which was interesting because koto is a difficult wood to cut, and you can only get veneer, you can’t get lumber. In order to build out the closet (and the cabinetry?) we had to find some type of lumber that would come a close as possible to matching the koto veneer, which is very blonde, almost a yellow-white. We ended up using avodire lumber, which was quite a good match with the koto.

The library had curupixa as a stile and rail, and inside is birdseye maple panels. There is a hidden bookcase behind a cabinet we had to design and engineer because the client wanted it to swing open. We installed a Rixson hinge in the floor, built a steel frame to support the cabinet and put in stops, allowing the whole structure to swing open a closed easily.

We used wenge, which is a rich, dark African wood. The entryway we had to build some hidden doors using soss hinges, which you machine into the door and the jam so when you open and close the door you never see the hinge. We covered the pull with the same veneer so you couldn’t tell it was a door and you had to know where to push to get the doors open.