Cumberland Journal

Western Kentucky University Chandler Chapel

Date: 2009
Client: Western Kentucky University
Location: Bowling Green, KY
Architect: Everton Oglesby Architects

The unusual aspect of this project was that the entire project was Douglas Fir. This was a new build, and you rarely see all Douglas Fir these days. Most people think of Douglas Fir as being rustic, it has a very straight grain with very few knots, and the trees grow very tall, really quickly. We had to source clear (no knots) lumber. The entire ceiling was done tongue in groove, and the whole room has a very open, blonde look. The job also called for matching timber trusses that ran the entire length of it.

An interesting and beautiful feature on this project was the doors. We did 10 substantial exterior doors, averaging 2 ½” thick and eight to nine feet tall, all with transoms.